A New Take on Central Hokkaido Tourism

"Daisetsuzan National Park" is the largest national park in Japan. City of Asahikawa, located in the north west, is a gateway to this magnificient national park. Asahikawa provides amazing scenery throughout all seasons and take pride in its clean water and fresh ingredients made avaialble by surrounding environment. GoAKJ was founded to introduce this area's way of life through nature and culture tours. We are looking forward to the day we meet each other in Asahikawa.

We are a tourism agency that provides personalized tours for people of all age and size. GoAKJ started as a sister brand to Asahikawa Motocracy, which has been serving people from all over the globe with unforgettable Hokkaido experiences.

Why AKJ?

Stunning Nature

There are various activities for you to enjoy Hokkaido's rich nature throughout all seasons. You will be greeted with rare alpine plants on summer trekking, and winter snowshoeing will take you to the snow-covered wonderland. Pleasant Spring days and Autumn days with colorful leaves will be perfect for refreshing forest bathing. You will have a personal tour guide on all tours, who will show you the best local spot of the day!

World-Class Cuisine

Blessed with underground water from Daisetsuzan, fertile ground, and the temperature difference between day and night, typical in geological basin, Asahikawa is known to produce numerous crops that are safe and high quality. Rice especially has been garnering international reputations and sold not only in cosmopolitans such as Tokyo and Osaka, but also in foreign countries. Areas with good rice and water yield good Japanese Sake. Asahikawa has a history of sake-making and never cease to produce new sake flavors.

Cultural Offerings

Asahikawa is the third biggest city in northern Japan. It was originally pioneered 130 years ago, aiming to be "Kyoto of the North", which you might recognize in areas named after neighborhood in Kyoto such as "Arashiyama" and "Goryo". There are many options such as Tea Ceremony, Kitsuke (the art of wearing a kimono), and pottery, but our favorite is Zazen meditation at the Zen temple for mindful relaxation.

Seasonal Tours


Options and Seasonal Attractions

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For the famous carpet of flowers, visit here in June through August. Daisetsuzan in this season will be an absolute joy for light trekking to climbing to the peak. Our seasonal cherry-picking tour is available now!

Autumn leaves start changing colors from the top of the mountain. The scenery with red and yellow is extraordinarily picturesque. Every year, avid photographers from all over the world flock here, hoping to capture this magnificient art of nature.

Winter Daisetsuzan turns into the 360-degree snow-covered wonderland. This is where you get to enjoy the ultimate powder snow. Astounishing fumaroles are approachable only in this season.

Spring arrives late in Daisetsuzan. Plants will slowly wake up to the warmth. Contrast between snow and blue sky will accompany this comfortable season with breeze.

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Day Hike to Daisetsuzan

There is a proverb in Japan, "Climb Mt.Fuji for its height, climb Daisetzusan for its size". However, Daisetsuzan is not the name of a single mountain. Including the Hokkaido's highest mountain Asahidake, Daisetsuzan is a name for a set of mountains such as Hokuchindake, Kurodake, Akadake, Tomuraushi, and Tokachidake. It is unlikely possible to climb all of them at once, and that is probably the reason why passionate climbers come back through seasons. Climbing is not the only way to enjoy this astounding environment. Daisetsuzan Ropeway allows you to oversee the mountain range and feel the magnificient Hokkaido nature.

Forest Bathing

Have you heard of "Shinrinyoku"? Japanese word for forest bathing, Shinrinyoku is gaining attention among health-conscious people for forest's relaxation effect. Clearer mind and peaceful mood are common results of spending time in the forest, which have been observed by many since the old times. In recent years, such effects have been medically and scientifially proved, and "Shinrinyoku" is becoming one of the most popular things to do to enhance one's health. Surrunding broadleaf forest makes Asahikawa an ideal place for such activity all year long.

Long-stay in Asahikawa

Asahikawa is not only a gateway to Hokkaido, but also the third biggest city in north Japan that can be a hub for your trip to Daisetsuzan and surrounding townships. We have years of experience arranging tours and hotels for all parties, from city hotels to traditional hotels with Onsen, natural hot spring. This area offers so many attractions ranging from nature activities, safe locally-grown ingredients, charming cafes and restaurants, to historic buildings for Sake and soy sauce production. We will provide a tailor-made cultural tour based on your preference.

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