Cherry Picking - Memories to Cherish

Hokkaido surely offers stunning nature to see, but how about an opportunity to taste the freshly-picked fruit? This morning tour will take you to the Asahikawa's famous cherry field for all-you-can-pick & eat experience, and Kamui Kotan, Ainu's sacred place of their God. For a snack, you will be provided with locally-produced, fresh-cooked corn to sweeten your memory.

Cherry, the King of Summer Fruits

Asahikawa is the treasure box of crops and cherry is one of our summery gems. This Hokkaido cherry field is magnificent, so don’t worry, you will never run out of cherries! They offer “Satonishiki” known for its sweetness and “Suimon” with refined sourness. The garden master will help you pick the best kind of the day.

Corn You Won't Forget

The traffic on the Route 12 was much busier before the time of highways. Along the route had been filled with street vendors and drive-ins. We will stop at one of the long-standing corn shops that has remained in business since the Showa era. You will be surprised by the sweetness of their corn, cooked all at once in a huge pot. You do not want to leave Asahikawa without trying this!

History, Lives, and Legends

Sheer wall of rock, rapid current, and the old steam locomotive. Kamui Kotan holds many stories and legends for its geographical features and extreme climates. Rise of the continental plate occurred in this area 160 million years ago, and there have been evidences of remains, which prove that Ainu people lived here from 12 million years ago. We will take you through this mysterious and historic area.

Making a Reservation

  • We take reservations 24 hours before your desired tour date
  • "Check Availability" buttow below will take you to our reservation page
  • Choose from the available dates and pay at pickup on the day
  • The cherry bus will pick you up from either the Asahikawa Station or hotels in the city center such as WBF Hotel, Art Hotel, Smile Hotel, and Hotel Crescent.

Time Table

Time Schedule
8:00 Pick Up from the Asahikawa WBF Hotel
8:10 Pick Up from the Asahikawa Station
8:15 Pick Up from the Smile Hotel
8:20 Pick Up from the Art Hotel
8:25 Pick Up from Hoshino Resort OMO7 Asahikawa
8:45 Arrival to the Cherry Field, All-You-Can-Eat Starts
9:30 Departure from the Cherry Field
9:40 Stop at the Corn Shop
10:00 Arrival to Kamuikotan, the Guided Tour Starts
10:30 Departure from Kamuikotan
11:00 Return to Asahikawa