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One Mountain, One Tour

You don't know powder snow until you step on Daisetsuzan in the winter. Its snow quality has been praised by avid skier and snowboarders and easily matches with readily known snow resorts in Hokkaido.

This year's GoAKJ winter offering is our favorite snow activity of all; Snow Shoeing Experience on Daisetsuzan near its fumarole. The extraordinary panoramic view on the silver mountain will surely let you feel the majesty of earth!

Convenient pickup from the center of Asahikawa

We got you covered with the transportation. Our private bus will pick you up from major hotels in the central area, so your travel to this majestic national park is nice and easy.

Private guide for every tour

All tours are accompanied by our personal guides. They are local tourism gurus who will tell you all about Asahikawa area's tourism attractions!


To the Fumarole

Hokkaido's tallest mountain Daisetsuzan's fumarole is actively smoking at this moment. Winter is the only time for us to observe it close up and feel the breathing of the earth. Immerse yourself into this stunning scenery.

Dive into the ultimate powder

In this tour, we will walk around on 1,600m high. Daisetsuzan on this height is often compared to 2,500m high on Honshu mountains. Your definition of powder snow will not be the same after experiencing the powder here.

Not a Hype

Notice how small people look in this photo? Sliding into a big frozen pond is not dangerous, but only for the courageous ones.

8:30 Pick up from hotel (Asahikawa central area)
9:00 Stop at "Michikusa-Kan" in Higashikawa
9:45 Arrival to Asahidake Ropeway Sanroku Station
10:00 Catch the ropeway to Sugatami no Ike Station. The tour begins.
12:20 Catch the ropeway back to Sanroku Station
12:45 Depart from Asahidake Ropeway Station
*Lunch and a visit to Higashikawa are optional
14:00 Back in Asahikawa